How to Raise an Adult

As a child grows up, a helpless parent begins to realize that there is an educational problem that grows along with the child and the development of his personality. All this leads to an even greater sense of guilt and constant question: “Where did I make a mistake?”.


The task of any good parent is to prepare their child for independent living in society. In order to accomplish this task, the parent has at his disposal years until his child grows up. During this period, parents are sending their children messages which teach. The children and help them to build ideas about themselves, others and the world. This system of ideas, rules, and values is a kind of basic folder that will later serve the child for orientation in life.

Parents are obliged to transfer their life values to their children. If all parents did, then the future community would resemble this community that we know. Parents are “bent” between the tendency to transfer their values and awareness that. They do not know exactly what kind of world their children will live in. It is, therefore, necessary to find a balance and to transfer values of universal meaning because we can expect that these values will be those that will exist in the future.

The assumption

The assumption is that the parent is an adult, who knows and understands, rationally thinks, and loves a child and makes decisions that are best for the child. What does that mean? It means we should teach our children the true picture of a world. Protecting their innocence for too long can make a teenager years of a child too unbearable. Because those are the years where that perfect picture will dramatically brake.


Instead of changing the truth about the world, our duty is to intellectually and emotionally. Equipt the child to have every tool at his/her disposal in order to understand the world and find his/her place in it. To raise an adult is to treat the child with more credit that we are used to, but also with love and tenderness we all need.